Where to Begin?

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Where to Begin?


Not being the techiest of people, I have put off redesigning my site again, and again, and would you believe it, again. This is a rather silly attitude to take as a website is crucial to establishing my business, brand, and mission. But finally, and after a wee bit of head banging, I’ve managed to come up with a site that to at least my eyes looks rather reasonable.

You may be wondering why my domain name is ypdmagazine.com when there, at the moment at least, appears to be no sign of a magazine. Allow me to enlighten you my friend.

YPD magazine is where my idea for Your Personal Development began. You would not believe the headaches I had coming up with the name, and until I just went for something that says what it is, your personal development. And that’s it my friend, everything that I do has one driving purpose, your personal development.

I’m distracting myself. Back to what’s happened with the magazine. It’s home was on iTunes, and it was in the writing of it that my mind took shape. Apart from 2 or 3 guest articles a month, I wrote all the others and put the mag together. And given the size of my articles, that was an awful lot of content to come up with every month. It came to a head in November 2020 when I had to renew my work with Apple fee. By that time I was struggling. I spent all of my time writing content and not marketing. And when push came to shove, I couldn’t justify paying what for me was a lot of money for no return.

So I stopped, and in doing so I learned a valuable lesson. Once you invested so much of yourself into something for so many years, if you don’t have something ready to instantly replace it, your world, your reason for existing could well come grinding to a halt… At least until you work out how to move forwards once again.

I will relaunch YPD but not just yet. First, I need to start making an income, then I need to grow my online presence, I’m even planning to start a podcast. When next I start work on YPD, I not only intend to have an audience, I intend to give up the habit of a lifetime, and write shorter, more to the point articles.

You’ll see what I mean about long articles once I start posting some of them on this site. They may be long, but the both give your mind a workout as well as providing you with the information that you need to move your life forwards.

My job is to help you to be all that you are capable of being, and to help you to live a life on your terms, and not what fate has decreed for you. Essentially, I need to either help you to find, or set your feet on the path to discovering your Great Dream.

I will go into your Great Dream in much greater depth as this site develops. My Great Dream came about, thanks to my being challenged to come up with my own personal moonshot. It’s a modest wee thing. I intent to reach out to 1 bilion people and open their minds to their vast potential.


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