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Rock and Roll

I’ve spent an age trying to get my site sorted, and find a web host that I’m happy with. YAAAY, I’m sorted, so now I’ve not excuse not to get anything done. That is apart from getting my autoresponder set up so that I can get people to sign up, and hopefully subscribe to YPD weekly. And if you’re looking for where you can sign up, I’m still banging my head against the wall trying to work out the techie stuff. The annoying thing is that I know that it’s easy to do, but my mind is not attuned to logic, something that anyone who has tried to teach me mathematics would be more than happy to confirm.

I’ve ignored one of the most fundamental lessons of personal development. If I hadn’t, then this site would be full of content, but I just had to get all snarled up in the techie stuff… GRRRRR. Basically, if you want to get shit done, then you have to take action and do something about it!!! Anyhoo, enough is enough, it’s time to Rock & Roll.

So. This site is all about your personal development. Why is it all about your personal development. Simples. It’s because I am passionate about your personal development. And given that my Great Dream is to reach out to 1 billion people, and open their minds to their vast potential, then you’ll appreciate that apart from my having work to do, I take who you are and who you can become, pretty damn seriously.

Why do I give a damn about what happens to you?

Until I crash my car back in 98 and started building an interesting health history, I, like everyone else accepted the hand that life had dealt me. That hand was not one that I would recommend. After the crash, and after thousands of job applications, and hundreds of job interviews, I slowly got the idea that I’m probably not going to get a conventional job. So now what?

Changing how I thought is what. If I wasn’t going to be able to get a job, then I need to create my own opportunity. It helped that at that point I had discovered that you could make money online. WOW!!! I thought. I’m going to become a millionaire!!! Errrm, yeah, sure you will Mike. But at least that early naivety help me to learn and kept me open to potential. It took time, but eventually, I discovered this strange thing called personal development, and I had found my home.

There was no way that I was going to start preaching to anyone who would listen, at least not until I knew what I was talking about, and, and for me this is important, that I had developed my own way of thinking, my own school of thought.

I started with a content drip fed blog. That’s what got me hooked on personal development. I think it’s an understatement to say that I made a complete mess of that blog. Does that matter? Nope. Why ever not?Because it helped me to grow, and anything that helps you to grow is good. I wrote a few Kindle books. For a year or so, I was doing quite nicely from them. The royalties helped me to buy an iTunes app where lives my magazine, Your Personal Development. After, I think it was 72 editions, I had to take a break as coming up with that volume of content was killing me. Those 72 editions might have worn me down, but who cares, they gave me an incredible education in personal development. More importantly, my mag helped me to come up with my own school of thought. If you’re interested, I’ve not given up on my magazine, I just need to be able to come up with articles that are maybe, just a wee bit shorter than my old ones. My articles were not short, my record is around 7,000 words, and the gave my readers and their minds the information that they need to grow.

Step forward to today.

The site is up. I have a pretty damn good freebie to give away, to join my list. I’ve almost got YPD weekly, a $9.99 subscription set up. I have a book that I’m working on. At over 400,000 words, I need to trim it a wee bit, but I’ll get there. I also have a huge list of books that I have material for. Later in the year I will launch a podcast. Once I’ve got my podcast sorted, I am going to launch a T.V streaming channel. This could be a rather interesting year.

Before I finish, if you have any questions, then I’m ready to answer them.

You are infinitely greater than your mind would have you believe… So, what are you going to do about it?

I think therefore I can be, pretty much anything that I want to be. Although, given my shaky hands, probably not a surgeon.

When you dream, don’t reach to the stars, I want you to reach to the end of the universe and beyond.

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