I’m Back

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I’m Back

I have to admit that after nearly 4 weeks away, I am so glad to be back.

Whilst I was away, burying my aunt and starting to sort out her affairs, I lived a very much simpler life. No T.V, no shower, and no washing machine. If I wanted to access the internet, I needed to use my mobile phone, and given that I have rather shaky hands, that’s not easy!!!

I love Glasgow, it’s a great place to visit and to live. Unfortunately for me, the air in Glasgow does not love me. the amount of walking that I was able to put in had to be significantly cut down, for the simple reason that I couldn’t manage it. After a particularly characterful walk, I took a look at my face in a mirror, and I could certainly understand why people were avoiding me. If I saw me coming, then I’m pretty certain that I would want to avoid me. Anyhoo, I’m back living in the country, and the change of air has done a lot for me.

When I was up in Glasgow, everyone wanted to help me. There were so many people telling me to get in touch if I needed help, that it was almost overwhelming. Whilst all of this help was much appreciated, those who made the offer forgot one small thing. If I didn’t have something to do whilst I was up there, I would be just a wee bit bored, to put it mildly. Whilst I had enough to keep me going, there most certainly wasn’t 4 weeks worth of work, and watching sitcoms on YouTube could only keep me amused for so long.

We’re Catholics. My aunt was received into her church the night before the funeral. Someone had added a beautiful brass crucifix to her coffin which I thought was a nice touch. I found it quite emotional and just a touch surreal, knowing that a person that I had known all of my life was in a box next to me.

Given the amount of time that she had devoted to others, my aunt was a highly respected individual, and there were a lot of people at the receiving and the next day at the funeral mass. If there hadn’t been covid restrictions in place, then the church would have been packed to the rafters.

Father Joe doesn’t drive a car, he rides a bicycle. On the way to the cemetery, we had to take a diversion, as the police had closed the normal route due to a traffic accident. On his trusty steed, Father Joe hoped to be allowed through, but it was not to be. Fortunately, having explained the situation, one of the policemen gave him a lift to the cemetery. I can’t help but think that my aunt enjoyed the sight of her old priest flying through the traffic, lights flashing, sirens blaring, hurtling through red lights, skimming past cars and lorries. Father Joe loved every moment of it ๐Ÿ™‚

I met so many really nice people in Glasgow that it’s a shame that I couldn’t stay there. Well, I could, but I wouldn’t give much for my longevity.

I had some fun (I need to rework my definition of fun) on the way back home. My brother came to pick me up and drive me home. We thought that an early start would be a good idea, so in the wee small hours of the morning, we headed south. And somewhere in the Scottish Borders, we encountered an artic that decided that it wanted to be in our lane, without taking the slightest bit of notice that we were already there. I know, I know, how rude!!!

It connected with my side of the car with a mighty crunch and headed off into the darkness. We didn’t appreciate at the time that the car had some technical issues. That we found out when we pulled into a motorway service station to survey the damage. I have to remind my brother to text me the picture that he took of the damage. OUCH.

The windows on my side had (at least I think they had) held together, at least until my brother had to yank my door open, at which point there was glass everywhere. that was the start of a really, really long day. My brother had got breakdown cover from his bank as part of an account package. It turned out that it didn’t cover accident cover ๐Ÿ™ It was also not the 24-hour service that they promised. My brother found this out when he first called at no later than 5am. We were returned home on a relay of breakdown trucks. All bar one was not comfortable traveling in, and the journey took great pleasure in exacerbating my decrepities. I didn’t get home until nearly 11pm, tired and in pain.

It turns out that I have good reason to be grateful that my brother had a good Volvo. It has airbags along the roof which saved me from crashing my skull against the metal. As it was, I’ve ended up with some mild concussion, and now I’m finally ready to start rocking and rolling ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s good to be back.

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