Why Your Personal Development?


Oh, that’s an easy question to answer, it’s because it’s all about your personal development.

My name is Michael Finlayson and I started this mag back in 2013 and despite being a one-man band, I have just published my 57th issue and I’m finally looking to take it beyond its current home in iTunes. 

My mission is to open your minds to your vast potential and help you to see that you don’t have to accept the hand that life has dealt you. If you’re not doing it already, it’s my job to get you writing the story of your life, and not have others writing it for you.

I have 2 thoughts that I would like you to consider:

The first is that you are infinitely greater than your mind would have you believe. Now that you know that, what are you going to do about it?

The second is one, I think therefore I can be… Pretty much anything you want to be. Think about that, so long as you can think, so long as you can dream, anything is possible!!!

I want to help you stop thinking about small or medium-sized dreams. I don’t even want you to dream to the stars, I want you to dream to the ends of the universe and beyond. I want you to find what I call the Great Dream, a dream so vast that it will keep you driven and focused for at least many years to come. My Great Dream has become my life-purpose. I will concede that it’s perhaps a rather ambitious one, that being to reach out and open the minds of 1 billion people. This dream will consume the rest of my life. Will the world come to an end if I don’t achieve it? No, of course, it won’t! That doesn’t matter. So long as I pursue my Great Dream, then I will live a much more satisfying and fulfilling life than had I stayed as I was.

If you have any questions the please reach out to me, and if I can help you I will. 

If there is any subject that you would like me to write about, then please let me know and I will see what I can do.

This year promises to be a character building one. Apart from providing too much content and working on my book, I will launch Your Personal Development to the non-Apple community, I also plan to launch a personal development channel on ROKU later in the year, and as if all that wasn’t enough, I have a long list of books waiting to be writing, a few ideas of courses to create, and I want to try my hand at speaking. This promises to be a rather busy year.