helping you to live the life that you were born to live

That’s me up there. Admittedly it was taken when I was about 41…ish, and time has moved on a wee bit since then. I know that I need to update my picture, but I have as yet to persuade my camera to take one that looks at least vaguely reasonable. Hey ho, one of these millennia I will get there.

Until, around the time of my picture, I had never heard of this thing called personal development. I had bought a personal development blog with a years drip fed content, because it looked interesting. My next thought was, so that’s what I’ve been doing all these years. I made a right mess of the blog, but that didn’t matter, I had found my calling and I was hooked.

The owner of one of the Facebook groups that I’m a member of set the group a challenge. We had to come up with a personal moonshot. His is to help 1 million young Americans to start their own business. I came up with a modest wee challenge that felt right. To reach out to 1 billion people and open their minds to their vast potential.

At first, I didn’t take my moonshot too seriously, but then it got into my blood and became something that’s so much more. My moonshot has become my Great Dream. I have become the avatar of my Great Dream. And my Great Dream, my Great Dream has become my all as I am it’s all. I hope that I will help more than a few of you to find your own Great Dream.

This site is called ypdmagazine.com, because I have a personal development magazine on iTunes. I’m taking a wee break from it, at least until I can work out a way to put it together without killing myself. Your Personal Development gave me the training, knowledge, ideas and understanding that I needed to take myself to the next step. That being to expand my reach into every corner of the globe… Nothing like making life easy for myself.

Being a mighty team of, just me, it’s possible that you’ll think what I plan to be quite mad? I don’t care. No one knows what is possible or not until they have actually tried. I will provide content on this site. I have a paid newsletter in the works. There will be courses and books. I’m planning a podcast. To make things more interesting, I’m also planning a streaming T.V channel. And if you need my help, then reach out to me and I will see what I can do.