A Slight Detour

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A Slight Detour


I’ve never been a great one for logic, although in my defence, I should say that logic is not a great one for me. I remember when back at school, when I first walked into a mathematics class, you could see this pained look on the teachers face. That makes it unfortunate, in that it takes, or at least to my perspective it does, require some simple logic to setup up a site, add some list building element, and attach some form of program or book that could be sold. This means that I have been spending rather a lot of time coming up with content, and virtually no time in marketing my knowledge.

Finally, finally, things are coming together. I have rather a good-looking offer for those who are prepared to sign up for my list. I just have to tart it up and then do the techie stuff. I am working on a book that could be a real gamechanger. I’m planning a podcast, and that really excites me. I am finally at the point when I can start to make this site grow. And then my poor old aunt up and dies.

In some ways it’s a mercy for her. She’s been in a care home for the last 18 months or so. She was always used to do things, especially for herself. She loved to read. And she finished off frail and almost blind. She could no longer do anything for herself, and she hated it!!!

I’ll be heading up to Scotland to arrange my Aunt’s funeral and sort out her estate. I have no idea how long I will be away for, as long as it takes. I’ll have no access to the internet whilst I’m away, so everything that I’ve planned will have to be put on hold for a wee while.

Be well and safe my friends.

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