YPD ios

I started Your Personal Development back in 2013. I wasn’t sure how long I would be able o keep writing fresh content, as it turns out, it’s been a lot, lot longer than I expected. YPD lives in iTunes and is ready to be devoured by anyone with an Apple device. On the off chance that you’re wondering what kind of team I have at the mag, well, there’s just me. Apart from 2 articles a month, I write the rest, put it together and regularly fall asleep over the unmitigated high drama of formatting it.

If there’s anyone out there who fancies contributing content to my mag, I’m only too happy to talk to you!!!

In all honesty, I started out wondering how much money I could make with it, mercifully, that mercenary mindset did not last long and now the only thing that matters is you, my readers.

I want you all to live the lives that you were born to lead, I want you to be all that you’re capable of being. Instead of dreaming to the stars and beyond, I want to inspire you to dream to the edges of the universe and beyond. I want you to decide on the life that you’ll live, I want you to think your own thoughts and to act in concert with them. To this end, I spend many character building hours creating content that both gives your mind a good workout, and gives you the information that you need to grow into a brighter future.

Should you be wildly excited at the prospect of delving into my mag, then click here and see what you think.