I think therefore I can be...
Pretty much anything that I want to be.


The content that you need to become all that you’re capable of being. Delivered in various formats.


Whether it’s 1-1 or group coaching. YPD helps you to deal with obstacles and to find a way forward.


I can’t guarantee that I will help you to find it. But at the very least, I will be able to set your feet on the path to a more fulfilling future. 


Think about it
Do you stay as you are? 
Or Do you choose to become the real you?

Life, our family history, our time in school and college, our work history, where we live and have lived, society and societal expectations, the staus quo, and whatnot. It’s all made us into good members of the crowd who accept the hand that fate has dealt them. It doesn’t mean that you have to accept it! There is more to you than that.

This is one of the things that I do best

Whilst it might no be something that we think about, we all have one life. One life that does not give us the time to do all that we might wish to do.

My particular skill is to seek out the knowledge that you need to help move your life forwards. I am passionate about helping you to break free of everything that is holding you back, and about helping you to move forwards to a much brighter future.

Never forget that time is short, so make the most of your time and make it shine.

The Team

Given that I’ve set myself the modest target of reaching out to 1 billion people, and opening their minds to their vast potential. A team of one does rather make things rather interesting.

Michael Finlayson

The Accidental Thinker

Whether it’s writing, publishing, coaching or speaking. If it’s anything to do with Personal Development, then I will be there. My job is to help people to help themselves, and to help them find their way.

Latest News

I have a vast wealth of content that will be making its way onto the site. I hope that what I have written makes you think. If there is any content or questions that you would like answered, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I’m Back

It turns out that I have good reason to be grateful that my brother had a good Volvo. It has airbags along the roof which saved me from crashing my skull against the metal…

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A Slight Detour

I’ve never been a great one for logic, although in my defence, I should say that logic is not a great one for me. I remember when back at school,[…]

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Where to Begin?

Not being the techiest of people, I have put off redesigning my site again, and again, and would you believe it, again. This is a rather silly…

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